ŞAFAKNUR was founded by the young entrepreneur Ms. Anwaar Saleh Alasousi in 2017 to create a difference in the fashion and design sector. Ltd. is a design brand.

With its experienced staff and innovative structure, Şafaknur aims to grow in domestic and international markets, and to represent modern lines and elegance in modest clothing.

The most beautiful colors with artistic touches, natural materials with nature-friendly products, unique designs and affordable prices come together under the Şafaknur umbrella.

It is Şafaknur's passion to create a passion for clothing with the collections she has created by bringing together the elegance, modern lines and restrained clothing of modern women.

Şafaknur is a successful brand with innovative, inspiring, big goals, growing with teamwork, elegant, dynamic and elegant collections, contributing to the new fashion sense through effective steps.

Our Brand Tone; positive, natural, calm, cool, confident, intriguing, inspiring and modern.

Our Brand Positioning; Practical in style and price, this new design brand aims to have high quality, modernity and elegance.

Brand identity; Women between the ages of 20-56 who follow fashion, have a moderate style, prefer modern dressing, have high quality precision but also pay attention to reasonable prices.